Thursday, February 26, 2009

Small Successes

I love the Faith & Family Live Blog, and I love all the mothers who contribute to it. Most especially I love Danielle Bean and the way she encourages everyone by admitting her faults and also by knowing how to give a good 'pick-me-up.' One of her new weekly posts is called "Small Successes," and I was so inspired I wanted to share it with my family and friends. So post some of yours in the comments, either from today, this week, this month, whatever - And be proud of them! Here are mine:
1- Both of the girls and myself were all dressed and fed before 10am and we don't even have anywhere to
go today!
2-The clean diapers are dry and put away, not just sitting in the dryer today.
3-Yesterday we finally decided what carpet to buy, and where to buy it from (we've been sitting on making
the decision for too long now, and our goal is to have it done by Lucy's family birthday party which is just
over three weeks away).

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julie said...

Veronica- you silly, it's the same Julie that had classes with you and babysat for the church group in Bloomington a couple years ago! :) Your girls are getting so big and they are gorgeous! How's ISU going?