Sunday, June 24, 2012


Instead of responding with the same answers fifty times, I thought it would be easier to write it all down. So, here goes. :)

1- When are you due?

-Our official due date is January 18, but I am just saying 'end of January,' so that when I go overdue, it might not be as depressing. (yeah right)

2- How are you feeling?

- To be blunt, I'm feeling completely miserable.

3- Is it the same as the past three pregnancies?

- Yes and No. All three pregnancies with the girls have been extremely similar: vomiting 1-6 times a day every single day from about 4-5 weeks until 5-6 months. With this baby, I have not vomited once, which is really crazy. So, in that aspect, it is very different. But, despite not vomiting, I really do not feel any better. I am practically on bed rest, because any large motion of my head makes me so dizzy and nauseous that I need to lay down. The girls have been watching lots of television and movies, and we don't get out much. Being outside and walking around doesn't make me sick, but the getting clothes and shoes for and on everyone, climbing in and out of the car to buckle people in, packing a diaper and water bottles and snacks, packing the swim bag, etc. - that is the part I cannot do. Ryan, like always, has been wonderful though. :). Before he goes to work, he gets me and the girls breakfast, gets me my meds, and makes sure people are (somewhat) content. When he gets home from work, he feeds us all dinner, puts girls to bed, and gets me whatever I need. He's even been trying to come home for lunch some days which is a lot when he works at Corporate South, about 15 minutes one way.

4- Do we want this baby to be a boy?

- Honestly, we really thought that baby number four would be a girl. Having a fourth girl would be easier, fun, and insanely adorable. :) and we know girls. But, one day we would like to have a boy. God only knows how many children we will have, but considering we are both under 30 still, I don't think it's possible to not have any more children. But, with this pregnancy being so different then the others, our doctor (and us) thinks the reason might be a different gender. What would a boy do in our crazy family of ladies? :)

5- How can I help?

- I debated even putting this question, but not putting it would just be false pride. :(. We are drowning in housework and toys, and our home looks so horrible, we could be on some bad reality show. So, in Father Caster's words we really need to "Just let Him love you," and accept any help that people are willing to offer. With that said, if anyone ever wants to take a child, that would be wonderful. Even one child gone can mean the dynamic is different for the better. :). Anytime of the day is great, even nights or weekends, because then Ryan is able to work on the cleaning and dishes and laundry that I am not able to do. Also, if people wanted to make a meal, that would be more then welcome! I would even love to pay for all the food (just tell me the total, as long as it's not a $25 meal or something ;) ), if you just got it prepped and ready to cook. We don't need sides or desserts, just main dishes. :) I have literally not done any cooking in about a month, since I've gotten sick. There has been a lot of easy meals Ryan can make or takeout.