Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our First Doctor's Appointment!

I had my first doctors appointment for the new baby today! As always, everyone flocked to Lucy and told me multiple times how adorable she is (it never gets old!)! It was espiecially fun to see Dr. Svientek with her. She asked all about how she was doing, and what her "skills" are, and she couldn't help herself from playing with Lucy for a bit.

She wants us to have an ultrasound in 2 1/2 weeks (on Halloween!), to get an exact due date, since she said that with nursing, my cycles are not exactly reliable for the baby's due date. But, until then, our tentative due date is June 13, 2008!!! AWESOME! Right smack in the middle of all our summer 2008 weddings though, so we might not be able to make it to all of them. :(

Besides having my blood drawn, the appointment was great, because it reminded me how much I love our Doctor, and the entire staff at the office. They were excited to see us back, and probably even more excited to see Lucy (but who could blame them?). Now, we're just very excited to get to see the baby earlier than expected on the ultrasound in 2 weeks.

As for Lucy, she's doing so great! She still hasn't cut any teeth yet, but as a nursing mom, I'm okay with that. Her new big thing is that she's doing this fun army crawl. It's a struggle, but she can do it pretty good. We have learned how stubborn and independent our little Lucy is already at only 6 months! We try to get her to crawl more by putting toys in front of her, but if they're just an inch too far away from her, she just gives us this look like "Nice Try," and won't crawl at all. Then, when we're not looking, she will crawl 4 times to get to a toy she needs. She's just such a ham!

Well, off to try and get some chores done while Dad is out at RCIA and the little Lucy girl is asleep!