Monday, April 20, 2009

I love Danielle Bean!

"Sarah Palin's Pro-Life Hesitation"

This article by Danielle Bean is awesome! I understand where Sarah Palin's 'hesitation' for a moment comes from. We all have that thought of 'Was getting pregnant a good decision for our family?,' or "Will I be able to handle everything physically and emotionally that a new child brings?' I had these thoughts especially when we were pregnant with Bridget and we realized how closely spaced our children would be. But, just because Sarah Palin or I had 1 second thoughts about wishing something didn't happen or that we could rewind time, doesn't ever mean we would actually have an abortion.

But, actually,what I like best about this article is how it made me realize that even though we consider ourselves to be very pro-life, we need to be doing more...MUCH MORE. We need to have a completely different mindset in offering anything and everything we can to pregnant women or new/young/struggling mothers and fathers. I hope to strive to learn and get involved in more through my internship this summer, which is through Healthy Start, a program through The Children's Foundation in Bloomington, who mostly do home visits to pregnant or new mothers with young children.

My favorite line Danielle says is "In the evil of abortion, we should hear God’s call for us to meet women’s needs with such with such crazy, over-the-top magnanimity that the temptation to abort becomes no temptation at all." Awesome!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New blog: Summa 3 Reading Group

Alleluia, He is risen! On this Easter Sunday, I want to invite you to another Herr blog, the "Summa 3 Reading Group":

Here is some more info:

What is the group reading?
Articles by St. Thomas Aquinas about Christ, from part 3 of his Summa Theologiae.

Do I have to buy a book? Nope. Every Sunday, I'll post another reading onto the blog. (The entire Summa is available for free on the Internet.)

What's the commitment? None required, it's really flexible. If you want to participate, do so when you're able, to the extent you're able.

How do I participate? You don't have to sign up for anything.
1. Go to the blog to read the weekly articles
2. (Optional) Ask questions and discuss. (Click on "comments" underneath the article.)

Who is welcome? Anybody. I'm iniviting the Third Friday Group from Epiphany and some alumni of the St. Robert Bellarmine Newman Center. If you know someone else who may be interested in this sort of thing, feel free to send them the link.

The Summa seems intimidating. Am I prepared to read it and qualified to discuss it? Personally, I'm neither prepared nor qualified, but anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask. Thanks, and happy Easter!