Saturday, August 14, 2010

Motivation's been over 9 months since I last posted. It would seem like I dislike blogging, but in reality I probably read more blogs then anyone else. :) I'd like to post more....but I don't. But now I have more motivation to do so because Ryan's youngest sister just left for her first year in college (with a soccer scholarship - Go Vanessa!) and my sister just left after graduating college (and becoming a nurse - Go Regina!) to do a year of volunteering with Mercy Corps down in Savannah, Georgia. She recently started a blog here, and it's making me incredibly jealous of the gorgeous southern landscape! She will be gone for 12 months and will not be able to come back AT ALL, not even for holidays, which will be pretty depressing. :( But, if we get our finances together enough, then I hope to visit her beautiful land during the dreary Illinois winter.

I'd better go though so we can watch our Dave Ramsey (just recently we've been all about Dave and it's pretty exciting!) and get a few more things ready for Lucy's first day of preschool on Tuesday! ACK! Can you believe it? I didn't think I would be as emotional about it as I have been and it didn't even start yet! :) But, maybe that's just postpartum hormones still. :)

Postpartum time after my first natural birth....geez, that's another 10 posts in the making. Someday I'd like to write my birth story about Anne's birth, but I'm still emotionally trying to sort out all that happened. :-/

Hope to see you all soon!