Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Video!

You wanted a new post - so here it is! ;)

You all helped us win our Bob Evans video contest to win a trip to Disney World! What you don't know is that we won by a HUUUUUGE amount - we had three times the votes that second place did! Isn't that crazy??!!

Ryan then decided to subscribe to a site that lists all the online video contests going on - which is where he found out about the Children's Advil Contest. We debated on whether or not to do it for weeks, because Ryan's schedule at work has been crazy busy and stressful lately. We finally decided to go for it after we thought up an awesome idea, and I had a good idea on what I wanted the costumes to look like. Our first day of shooting went HORRIBLY! We spent all day with Lucy & Bridget trying to get ONE good shot, but after about 6 hours, we still had nothing. They were not happy campers at all, and we were about to give up, but had already put so much work into it. We called Ryan's mom and had her come over, and like magic, the girls preformed perfectly for her, just because that's how grandparenting works. :) Your kids don't like you, but they will do anything for Grandma or Grandpa. And Aunts and Uncles too. :) We still needed a few more shots, so the next moring we had Uncle Jacob come over, which was amazing as well. They were 'fighting' him, which is where we got most of our fighting the germs shots from the video.

Then came Ryan's biggest contribution - actually making and editing the video. He worked on it for probably 50 hours or more, literally. We really should keep track of the timing for these things. He did the awesome germs animation, and I think it turned out so awesome!

Overall, our Bob Evans video and this Children's Advil video took about 80-100 hours a piece (maybe more?). But, now is the frustrating part - waiting and waiting and waiting to see who the winner is. We already know exactly where the money is going if we win (taxes, tithing, house). We could get rid of our PMI in the next 6 months if we win this video, so we're really hoping that we do.

The voting runs from March 9 through March 20, and you can vote here:

The voting on this contest is nice, because it's not a month long, and you don't have to enter all your information, just your email address.

Thanks for all your help!