Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2 more weeks!!!

Well, Ryan has convinced me to update our blog, since the last post says that we may be having a boy. It is a girl, she does have a name, and we love it! It's just a secret name so there is some surprise for all of you. Just Ryan, me, and Lucy know it. :)

I had an appointment this morning with Dr. Svientek, and I'm still 3 cm dilated. I know that's pretty good for 36 weeks, but since I was 3 cm last week, I was hoping for a change. It's sad when your high for the week is your internal cervical exam with your OB. :) Any mom sho's been pregnant would understand. Also, when I was talking to Dr. Svientek about possibly inducing june 11, the day before the due date, she mentioned that she would be out of town from June 4 through June 11. I don't remember her telling me this before, but it's the same situation that we were in with Lucy. And, we are looking at the same solution. We are 99% that we are going to induce 9 days early (the exact same as Lucy) on Tuesday June 3, which is two weeks from today. We have to let her know by next Tuesday, at our next appointment. We also have an ultrasound then, because at our last ultrasound, the baby was in the 95th percentile! So, around 37 weeks they like to do one last ultrasound with larger babies, just to be sure she's not like 10.5 pounds or something. That was pretty crazy to us, since we're used to hauling around our 3rd percentile Lucy (as in 03%, not 33% :) ).

We're pretty happy with the decision to induce again, since we had such a wonderful experience with inducing Lucy. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is hearing from a few certain people how inducing is not "the best choice," and how I could make a better decision. I've done it before, I don't have any of the risk factors, Lucy turned out great, I turned out great, and I hate hearing how it's such a bad idea (espiecially from men, who have NO IDEA what it is like to be 38 weeks pregnant and miserable!....okay, thats my vent for now). So, just say an extra prayer for me that when I am dealing with these few people and their comments that I can be patient, calm, and loving with them. :)

And, it's looking like I won't be tandem nursing. :( I really was looking forward to it for a lot of reasons, but I just can't handle any more of Lucy's biting. The whole time I nurse her, I am just wincing and waiting for her to bite. That's not how I want breastfeeding to be. She hasnt nursed in about 48 hours, so we shall just see if that's the end or what. I'm sad though, because I went this far in the pregnancy nursing, and I at least wanted to try tandem. Oh well.

Anyways, for today, I'm trying to stop thinking about how long two weeks away seems, and starting to think about how good the Idol finale will be tonight and how fun our Idol results party will be tomorrow night. Oh David Archuleta......you are so wonderful! :)