Thursday, February 19, 2009

I wish....

I wish that my daughters (and sons) will be as strong in 10 years as this girl.
I wish that I would be as strong and courageous as this girl.

I wish that I was good at making dinners and keeping the house cleaner.
I wish I was a more patient wife and mother.
I wish I liked road trips.
I wish I liked being pregnant.
I wish I was done with school.
I wish that I have a boy for our next child.
I wish our basement would finish itself (as well as our library, master bath, main floor bath, and family room).
I wish I could go to the bathroom throughout the day without a child in there with me. :)

But, what makes me feel not so depressed about all these wishes, is what I have on my feet. :) I used to wish that I had Ugg moccasins that I have been dreaming about forever....and my lovely hubby got those for me for Valentine's Day. :-D Thank you wonderful hubby! My feet have never been happier!

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Susie said...

I agree with some of your wishes (It's hard being a wife and mommy, but rewarding)...I wish I could make dinners better and just keep our hosue clean, I wish I was def more patient, and I wish I didn't have to work. But, Congrats on the Ugg moccassins! =) Enjoy.