Monday, October 20, 2008


We got the keys to our new house! We don't own it yet, as the closing was AGAIN pushed back from last Friday to sometime this week. :-/ But, I just told them that we could not wait any longer to get in there and start working, since there is a lot to be done. Especially because of NK next weekend, my time is extremely low. So, we did get early possession of the house and started working Friday night until last night, and will be back there every day this week. There isn't a ton of work for us to do, but plenty still. We literally have to paint every room of the house. Then, a lot of little fix-it projects and our big basement project are being done by a family friend.

We did finish the green in the kitchen/family room (the color similar to the Bailey's main floor- I just LOVED it there!), and started a gray-blue color in the front living room. Both colors look amazing and are exactly what we wanted! It feels so wonderful to finally have a home that is OUR OWN that we can paint and do what we want too....I'm so sick of white walls from our rental homes. We're not even living in the house yet, but I can give you 100 reasons why it is so much better then where we are now. It's just a really beautiful house. :)

Although fixing up and moving into a new home is very exciting, but also extremely stressful. And, since I'm trying to be a wife and mother of two, a student, a NK lay director, AND move into a new house, that complicates things even more. But, I read a lot of Danielle Bean and Faith & Family Live to get good suggesstions and an occasional laugh or two from their children. :) Today, I found a post by one of the mom bloggers-Arwen, and just really found it awesome for Catholic moms, espiecially this line:
"I firmly believe that God blesses us with His grace as we work to live out our vocations. Motherhood, especially with young children, leaves little time for extensive contemplation - but if we seek to love and serve God while we love and serve our children, He will fill our hearts with Himself just as much as He does for contemplative nuns who spend whole days at a time in the chapel." It is just what I needed when I get down on myself and feel guilty about not accomplishing the daily prayer that I was so 'good' at accomplishing even a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Seems like everything is coming together at once -- all good things, though! How fun to pick out colors. Are you guys going to pick out furniture too? I hear Ikea has good, decently-priced stuff.

Good quote.

Sad we can't help you guys move. They're running me ragged at work, and I have a breakdown about once a day. Hopefully it'll get better soon. Anyway, I work the weekend you guys are moving.

Good luck with NK

Sr. Hildegard said...

How your post brought me back to another lifetime! I am a contemplative nun (Redemptoristine Nuns, Esopus, New York) and even I don't spend all day in chapel. But a one point years ago, believe it or not, I had three little boys under five years of age. Later I raised them as a single parent. No, there is little time for anything else when you are mothering litle ones, and not so litle ones AND attending to your marriage. I found the advice of a wise priest very helpful at that time. He said, " Your first call from God is to be what only you can be. Only you can be the mother to your children and the wife to your husband." And I am sure your have heard a thousand times, "These years go by so fast. Enjoy them." Just one more thing. Prayer is a lot more things than kneeling in a chapel. That is one way, a beautiful way but attentiveness to your children and husband in love is prayer too. Sr. Hildegard, OSsR