Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Updates

I'm bad at blogging. I know. I'm so much better at reading other people's blogs and checking their updates. :) Also, until we get our new computer in the fall, it's a challenge on my little acer to upload pictures, which makes for boring words only blog posts. So, I thought it a good time to do a few quick updates.

-My internship is DONE! All my papers and projects are not, but I'm not thinking about those until next week. ;) But, at least I am finally home again with my babies! I have one two-hour course this fall semester and then I graduate in December! It seems so crazy that I will not have school anymore, because I hate being away from the girls, but I love my major and classes and am much more thankful for the education then I was when I began college many moons ago. :) Ryan will be planning a large party for me I hope. ;)

-Bridget turned one on June 3, and is even more adorable and amazing then she was then. She is talking a lot more and is basically a walker. She walks almost everywhere except after an occasional fall will start crawling again.

-Lucy is crazy and sassy. Every day she talks more and more, and I'm amazed at how much she learns and how fast she learns it! I think we're going to start with potty training next week, since I'm home now again.

-So far, this had been my favorite stage of parenting, because now that Bridget is a toddler as well, the girls play a lot more together. They love being rough with each other and wrestling with hugs and kisses. They seem to enjoy having each other a lot more now, despite the daily pushes and hitting. :) Besides giving birth, this is my favorite thing about being a parent - seeing how much my children love each other and enjoy the family God has given to us. I can't wait to add more babies to this joy!

-Ryan has found a new love - grilling! We got a new awesome grill for Bridget's birthday party, and although that day of grilling wasn't so great, since then Ryan has been grilling lunch or dinner for us multiple times a week and is AWESOME! Food fresh from the grill is one of my favorite meals and having a cute hubby who enjoys making up new recipes for it is a dream come true. :)

-We had our three year anniversary this week. Three years. Wow, has it gone fast. I am so blessed and I need to remind myself of that more. I can't say much else besides that. :)

That's it for now. Hope to see all you Newman Alum at our party (look on facebook) and everyone else I want to see at the Sprinkler Park or something soon. :)

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