Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Notre Dame

This is my favorite article so far about the Notre Dame/Obama scandal. He explains so simply but effectively what Catholics are thinking when we say we do not want Obama to speak at ND's commencement. But, my favorite line of it is right at the end:
"It’s time for Catholics and Catholic organizations to decide if they are truly Catholic or not. Either you believe in Church teaching or not." So simple and to the point. Awesome.
'Is Notre Dame Not Ashamed?"


Drake said...

I like this one:

Rodger said...

I agree with your views about Notre Dame and the Obama invitation. I personally believe the Church should take an extra step to excommunicate politicians like Biden, Kaine, Kansas governor, and others who sell their souls for personal political ambition. They appear to some of our Catholic brethen as endorsing abortion, stem cell research and dogma contrary to Catholic doctrine. We don't need them or even Notre Dame calling themselves Catholics or a Catholic institution - they are encouraging a schism within the faith and I don't like it and will ease my own conscience by never voting for these politicans or a democrat ever again.