Tuesday, September 23, 2008


No, we have not closed on our new house yet. :( The closing date has been set and moved three times already! It is supposed to be by the end of the month (which is only a week away!), and if it's not, I'm going to be really mad at someone. I've been trying to be patient with everyone involved, but honestly, this is ridiculous! The closing date doesn't just affect us, it affects the people we're currently renting from, our parents/others who are going to help us pack/move, my mom who will be coming down to help with everything, the family friend who is doing a lot of work at the new house, and NK37 (pray that we end up actually moving more then a week or two before the retreat!!). I will be contacting the seller's lawyer, bank, and realtor myself either today or tomorrow so they can understand how frustrated we are instead of our nice, calm realtor and bank.

In other news, Lucy just turned 18 months last Sunday and Bridget is well on her way to 4 months!! I can't believe how fast they are growing, but it is so fun to see! They are now interacting a lot more with Bridget actually 'talking' and laughing back when Lucy plays with her, and Lucy loves to try and hold bridget too! Their halloween costumes are insanely amazingly adorable, and we need to get together with all of you so we can show all the chillens off! :-D We also finally have gotten Bridget into cloth diapers a few weeks ago, and it is wonderful! They are now in the same size BumGenius rise (size) of medium, which is a little crazy. Soon enough they will be wearing the same size clothes, as Bridget is 3 months, and wearing 6 month clothes which really aren't big on her at all! We also switched to cloth wipes, which honestly, if youre doing cloth diapering is SO much easier then trying to do disposable wipes with cloth diapers! I highly reccomend it! I did buy some cotton babies/BumGenius wipes, but mostly we just use baby washcloths as they are cheaper and work exactly the same.

Well, I've got class in a bit, so I need to go, but I'm going to put up a facebook album of pictures sometime today, so check there for those!

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Bonnie said...

I love that you're cloth diapering! What, exactly, convinced you to switch?