Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby Boy Herr?

We had our second regular appointment yesterday at Dr. Svientek's office. A few weeks ago, on Halloween, we had an ultrasound, just to make sure the baby was on target where we thought he/she was. The due date was moved to June 12, so only one day difference. Yesterday was our monthly appointment with the Doctor. As always, they were excited to see Lucy, and luckily, she was pretty calm for most of the time. Number 2 gave me quite a scare though. This was the first time we were going to hear the heartbeat, but when Dr. Svientek used her heartbeat finder machine (I totally forget the name of it!), it took an awful long time. Being previously pregnant, I knew that sometimes it might take a few minutes to find the baby, but after 4-5 minutes our doctor exclamed "It must be a boy, since he's making me chase him!" followed by laughter and a quick "Just kidding, I have no idea really!" But, of course we're hoping for a boy, even though another girl for Lucy would be fabulous! But, that's just another reason I love our doctor, and if any of you ever have babies in Bloomington, I will force you to go to her!

Anyways, after those comments, and an even longer 3-4 minutes more she gave me two options: 1-get an ultrasound now just to make sure everything is great, or 2-make an appointment for two weeks until the baby is a little bigger and try the heartbeat again. I made the obvious choice.......there was no way we were waiting two weeks to make sure our baby had a heartbeat. Every second of every day I would just be worrying. And, she agreed with me, so Lucy and I went back to the waiting room to wait some more for the ultrasound technician. And this time we got my favorite lady. She's so outgoing and fun and talks a lot when she's doing the ultrasound (which is very comforting). And, she always takes lots of pictures and gives us multiples of each pose. I love her. We're trying to find a scanner to put the ultrasounds up, but honestly right now they're not very exciting yet. It's like "See our baby??...that tiny white blob on the right??...no, the other tiny white blob on your right." :-D

Lucy is doing pretty great too. Still no teeth at all, but she's had some pretty bad nights lately, so we're hoping that it's because of teeth coming in. Even though she's not crawling on her knees yet, she sure can get around. If you walk past her into the kitchen, she's about two seconds behind. We're still getting used to the fact that she can follow us around now....it's so weird how big she is! I miss my little 6 1/2 pound snuggler already! Lucy is definitely not a snuggler now. She withstands our hugs and kisses but only for a short time. Then, she wants to be off and moving.

Pray for me and my being sick, it still stinks, but every day is closer to getting better, right? I'm hoping.....

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